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  • 25 04.15

    BattleFriends at Sea giant update!

    Enjoy the huge update of our outstanding social title!

  • 26 10.14

    Tequila Planet acquires 20 million users

    The global mobile gaming network, operated by Tequila Mobile, expands rapidly.

  • 02 01.14

    10 Million Unique Users of Tequila Planet

    After a little over twelve months from the start, Tequila Planet community has now 10 Million members!

  • For Gamers

    Tequila Planet is a world of free mobile games packed with awesome social features. Tequila Planet games are available for thousands of different handsets, so you won't have any problems finding the finest free games for your device.

    Download superb free games, play them with friends. Join Tequila Planet now!


For Developers

Tequila Planet is a mobile social platform featuring an independent, cutting-edge in-app billing solution, powerful distribution channels and extensive marketing support for all your games and apps.

A powerful, independent one-click in-app billing solution for Android, Java J2ME and BlackBerry software, with an unrivalled distribution network covering more than 80 countries worldwide, Tequila Planet delivers a high quality distribution and monetization platform to mobile app developers in one very neat package.

Tequila Planet encompasses discovery, monetization, cross-sales marketing and social networking integration. It’s built on a proven micro-transaction platform and incorporates a host of powerful social features seamlessly into your games and apps.

Enroll as a Tequila Planet Developer, integrate the SDK and turn your existing games into freemium blockbusters! Distribute the games for free and watch your in-app revenues skyrocket as millions of players around the world gain simple, immediate access to your outstanding products.

Reach new users. Access new channels. Monetize your apps.

Go freemium with Tequila Planet!

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