What is Tequila Planet

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Tequila Planet is a thriving mobile games network where you can find some of the finest mobile games for a variety of handsets across multiple platforms, including Android, Java, BlackBerry and iOS.

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All games available through Tequila Planet are full versions that are entirely free to play, while offering optional, one-click in-app purchases to buy virtual goods. It's entirely your choice if you want to customize your avatar, buy additional virtual currency, or access new shiny guns, vehicles and equipment through a small, simple in-app purchase. Or you can simply play the full game for free, and acquire all your in-game content through high scores, hard work and practice.

Tequila Planet enables additional features to bring even more fun and social interactions into your mobile gaming entertainment. When you play a Tequila Planet-enabled game, you get instant access to some fantastic social features.


  • Download and play some of the finest mobile games available, for free
  • Find games for your handset, whether it's a smartphone or a feature phone
  • Easily purchase affordable, optional virtual goods directly from within games
  • Access live leaderboards and compete with friends
  • Participate in game-specific competitions and win real prizes
  • Find new, high-quality titles using the built-in game recommendation system
  • Post your scores and achievements to Facebook and other social networks
  • Download any game from the Tequila Planet "GAMES" section and start playing straight away!

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