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15 08.11

Fantasy Kingdom Defense goes LIVE!
Free-to-play sword and sorcery tower defense game out now on Mobile, Android FREE-TO-PLAY SWORD AND SORCERY TOWER DEFENSE GAME FANTASY KINGDOM DEFENSE OUT NOW ON MOBILE, ANDROID

WROCLAW, POLAND, 11/08/2011: Tequila Mobile, developer of the recent mobile smash hit Outlaw Racing 2011, is proud to announce the worldwide release of its new free-to-play tower defense game for mobile Java platforms and Android smartphones, Fantasy Kingdom Defense.

“Fantasy Kingdom Defense has been a work of passion for our development team for so many different reasons,” explains Tequila Mobile Game Producer, Aleksander Zemke. “Immersing ourselves in the fantasy genre, and building a game that feeds into the epic nature of the sword and sorcery realm, has been incredibly exciting. But we’re just as delighted with the gameplay model we’ve built Fantasy Kingdom Defense around that gives players genuine rewards for working hard and playing well.”

Players take command of an elite unit of elf archers, sword-wielding knights, powerful mages and fire-breathing dragons as the Evil Lord lays siege to their castles. By positioning units strategically around the game field, and spending money wisely when upgrading defenses and adding more warriors, waves of demonic attackers are repelled before they can break through the castle gates. With skill, courage and dedication, players can earn gems that will unlock new castles, units, war machinery and even allow them to enlist massive, dangerous fire-breathing dragons to their cause. Featuring two different game modes and more than 20 levels, Fantasy Kingdom Defense offers a wealth of achievements, awards, and exciting close-quarters strategic combat.

Entirely free-to-play on mobile Java platforms and Android smartphones, Fantasy Kingdom Defense also allows players to get a leg up on the battle when they need it most by acquiring additional gems through the in-app purchase system.

“We’re very proud of how the gameplay model fits so seamlessly with the progression system and in-app purchase options,” says Lukasz Deszczulka, Tequila Mobile Executive VP, Marketing. “Work hard and play hard, and the game will reward you for your efforts by ensuring you don’t need to spend anything to achieve the high scores or unlock the levels and new equipment. But in such times of darkness as the kingdom is facing, it’s no bad thing being able to buy the resources you need, whenever you need them!”

Fantasy Kingdom Defense is available now worldwide for mobile Java platforms through the GetJar portal, and for Android smartphones on the Android Marketplace, free of charge. BlackBerry and iPhone/iPod touch versions are also in development, and due for imminent release.

Fantasy Kingdom Defense -- Links: Trailer: Download from GetJar: Tequila Mobile: Tequila Planet on Facebook:

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