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Outlaw Racing 2011

Race & shoot your opponents in the deadly tournament across 15 unique, real-world locations as you progress from newbie to the respected death-racing star! Smash your competition, earn cash and spend it on some ultra cool upgrades including new destructive weapons, turbo-boosted engines or shiny new death-bringing vehicles! 100% full, free version, no ads & real prizes to win in various competitions!

Key Features:

  • 3 unique game modes: Death Match, Race, and Time Attack
  • 15 real-world locations, each w/different track characteristics
  • 3 types of vehicles to choose from (Rally Car, Buggy, Taxi Bus)
  • 5 different, unlockable classes of Engines, Tires and Armor
  • 5 deadly weapons to unlock incl. a Laser and Rocket Launcher
  • Excellent vehicle handling including drifting capabilities
  • Extended Workshop for improving car performance
  • Multiple Awards and Achievements to collect!
  • Dedicated rankings for all modes w/ live online leader-boards